59 thoughts on “How to Fix ‘Cannot Connect to App Store’ Error When Accessing Mac App Store Updates, OS X Lion 10.7.4

  1. After hours on the phone with apple and weeks of wasted time with a new unusable iMac 27″, you solved the problem! A profond Thank You!!!!!!!

  2. Dave, Thanks so much for the TIP… it worked as advertised! I had just spent 3 hours at the Apple Genius Bar with no solution even after doing a “Triage” install of Mountain Lion. Still did not work. When I came home I set out with your solution and VOILA…

    Enjoy you ride / adventures … I once rode all of New Zealand for 5 months. Ready for the EU

  3. Well, it certainly worked for me too. Many thank’s – it was driving me mad! Though, I have no idea how you’d ever arrive at this solution in the first place?

  4. I tried your solution, but I had no blue crosses. I checked through all of the certificates but all were on the correct settings. I get the following message when trying to open the application: App Store cannot verify a secure connection with the App Store. Any ideas on what else I could try?

    Cheers 🙂

  5. Thanks for this guide Dave! I was having a hard time getting this new computer up and running and this did the trick!

    I have Adobe CS4 and a range of other apps that require Java 6 back up and running.

    1. Sigh… not for me… but my situation is probably different. 10.8.3 on a mac mini being accessed via Share Screen from my iMac (also 10.8.3). The iMac had updated with no problems, but when I tried to add the same updates to the mac mini — no go. Both are running server.

  6. Worked fine for me, it fixed a problem I had for one year … thanks a lot ! I called Apple for assistance but didn’t go further: I owe you 50 euros 😉

  7. I had this problem after migrating from a Snow Leopard MBP to a new Mountain Lion (10.8.4) MBP. I fixed most of the blue + certificates and then tried again and the problem was gone. Thanks!

    1. Ryan, If you have followed the instructions carefully and cannot see the blue plus signs it suggests you have no special permissions to reset. You may have another problem preventing access. Check you followed the instructions carefully to be sure.

      1. I have had the App store ‘break’ also since doing the security update 2013-003m tonight. That along with Safari no longer brings up web pages. Have had to use another browser just to get around it.

        ‘App Store cannot verify secure connection with App Store” I likewise have no blue cross custom setting certs.

        Has anyone else had this happen?

        1. i’m on 10.9.4 & today i just can’t get to my app store. tried to follow carefully all the instructions here in but still unable to resolve the problem. any other way ?

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