59 thoughts on “How to Fix ‘Cannot Connect to App Store’ Error When Accessing Mac App Store Updates, OS X Lion 10.7.4

  1. After two months of on-off again searches (and endless frustration!)…this solved the issue. If you live anywhere in the Los Angeles area, or ever find yourself here, I want to buy you a beer!!

  2. That worked like magic – thanks! Apart from AppStore, I had a similar problem with the iTunes Store – that was solved, too.

    1. Alban – Thanks! In Italy at the moment so may well be coming through Amsterdam in the spring on the way back to UK. Might take you up on it! Cheers.

  3. I have no blue crosses. Mine connects to App Store, but when I try to view account or redeem it asks for my password. I type it in and it says connection failure after a long time. Also my phone won’t connect to App Store on home wifi but will on 3G. This all started after I upgraded to ios7 on phone a week ago.

  4. After talking to Apple for 2 hrs and finally doing a restore of the OS that they said would work I was totally frustrated when I completed it. Called the next day to say it didn’t work and was told I had to erase everything and do a new install. The computer never worked out of the box but since it was in a school lab I waited to the end of the school year. Even though I had the extended warranty they still gave me a bad time and said it was a software issue. I was going to take it into a shop because I was tired of spending my time on the issue and I saw this post and all the positive responses. Yeah it worked!! The apple guys don’t know anything. Thank you so much for being a genius.

  5. I did everything. set the time and date set the location set the thing u just said and also checked for the serial number every thing is fine but still this app store is not working. please help

  6. This just started happening to me. I try to connect to the appstore and I get a message that says a secure connection cannot be found. When go go past it the app store tries to load but the screen blinds/flashes endlessly and it never loads or prompts for my user name and password. I’ve had my Mac since 2012 and this has never been a problem. I’m on Mac 10.8.5 using Firefox 48.0 2 because I only have 8GB of memory and that is the most I can run. Firefox is no longer supporting Mountain Lion. I tried to fix Certificates and they are all valid.

  7. I tried all the above. No success What worked for me is simply connect via a fixed wired connection and I got connected to the app store. Note that when I was connected via Wifi I could brows the Internet, but some how there is some conflict between the app store and the wifi.

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