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Time to Move On

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After what’s been an enjoyable, relaxing (read lazy) week, its time to move on again. Sun is shining, and the weather is warming, but the south is calling. Only a short hop planned for today so that we can investigate the Camargue a bit more, but then we plan on a bigger hop into Spain. We’ve seen Barcelona not that… Read more »

My Faith is Restored!

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Ok, after yesterdays humbugly rant about Christmas eCards, Debbie and Rob proved that there is life out there after all! I can’t upload the whole thing, which is a damn shame because its just hilarious, so you’ll have to make do with a clip of the dancing muppets (the characters, not a reference to Rob or Debbie)! So here’s a… Read more »

I Thought We’d Taken Root

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After 5 days in the same spot, I didn’t think there was much hope for getting the van moving, but this morning it became essential as we ran out of LPG just before breakfast, so no morning cuppa, and no shower (not having a cold one thanks!). The search for LPG was then a little fraught. I’d spotted that the… Read more »

The Wonders of Technology at Christmas

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Well of course it had to happen, and I don’t want to suggest that we don’t appreciate the sentiments of those who have sent us e-Cards this Christmas. What a wonderful use of technology, and at least in a small space we won’t need to put up bits of ribbon to attach them to the walls of the van! I… Read more »

I Don’t Know Why I Bother

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Well, some small success today – we did some washing! The washing machines were working, and given that it was a sunny though blustery day, we thought we might get some done and try to dry it. The washing was successful, but despite the wind getting into a right hullabaloo at times, most things refused to dry completely. So they… Read more »

The Quest for a Laundrette

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It’s all gone a bit quiet here, a sign of some work in progress. Having found a nice spot to stop, we’ve kind of got stuck here. We’ve spent the last 3 evenings with Michael and Katherine which have been great. It rained and blew a bit last night, but nothing to difficult, and today the sun has returned although… Read more »

A Man, a Ball, a Hoop, a Bench (and an Alleged Thread)

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A Man, a Ball, a Hoop, a Bench (and an Alleged Thread) “Teller is one of the greatest magicians living in the world today. Teller is a guy who is constantly thinking, constantly reevaluating what he is doing. He keeps working on his material with really no care as to how long it takes. It might take a month or… Read more »

A Quiet Day

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Nothing much to report here – just hanging about. Mel managed to do a bit of work, I had a great chat with Michael about all things techie, and he was kind enough to give me a copy of his Loopy HD to play around with. I’m no musician, so this will probably be of limited value from an app… Read more »

A Very Pleasant Evening in the Company of Technomadics

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By late afternoon we’d managed to get to our campsite. The first camp site we’ve been to that actually feels like a campsite, or at least one that is open. There’s quite a few people here, I could hear voices till gone one in the morning! I’d arranged to meet up with Michael and Katherine of Technomadics, two Aussies who… Read more »