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A Walk in the Cañon del Rio Lobos

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Fortunately for us another sunny day, so another chance to get out and explore. We’d moved the night before, climbing higher and higher through them mountains, well above the snow line to find the Col and drop down the other side. Remarkably there was a ski resort at the top, and it was open! We were quite tempted to stay… Read more »

A Walk in the Parque

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At last, a proper day of exploring and adventure. I’d really not been thinking that we’d see much snow at such an early phase of this trip, but it certainly here and so best to make the most of it. I think the tempest that washed us ashore in Santander last week must have dumped on the hills, and knocked… Read more »

Snow, A Little Earlier Than Expected

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The sun came out today, and so we too emerged from the campsite in Halo and set off to explore. We headed first toward Logroño, provincial capital of La Rioja, passing through some charming scenery featuring rolling vineyards, snow capped mountains and settlements perched atop mounds and hills. Logroño itself was typically industrial looking, sprawling warehouses and lough industry no… Read more »

Bilboa – Nice Chap, Shame About the Art

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A day out in Bilboa. We decided to leave the van in its beach side carpark in Plentzia and catch the metro into Bilboa. The Basques call it Bilbo, but I’ll try to avoid any references to the works of Tolkein. The metro is everything it should be – fast, clean, efficient, on time, and dirty cheap. The fact it’s… Read more »

Bilbao, We’ll See You Tomorrow

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Last night turn out to be rougher than the last, and we were on dry land. Well, dryish. The sea was certainly looking pretty rough this morning, I feel glad we were on the ferry when we were. Feel sorry for those leaving today. We attempted to identify a camp site or two on the outskirts of Bilbao so that… Read more »

Life on the Ocean Wave

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Well, we made it. A moderately eventful crossing. The channel crossing was a little choppy with not too much swell, but once we got around the end of Brittany it all got somewhat more interesting. Enough to decide that food was not so important and that lying horizontally in darkened room was probably a good idea. The whole ship seemed… Read more »

Setting Sail for Foreign Lands

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We’ll, here we are again, waiting for a ferry to take us to faraway lands. This time, a 26 hour voyage to Santander in Northern Spain. The weather looks fine at the moment, but there is a force 5-6 forecast for the crossing so it should get quite interesting. No doubt no internet on board so radio silence should be… Read more »

A Desire to Write

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A couple of months back I started a separate project called ‘A Desire to Write‘. It was meant to be a way of dumping out writing ideas, and writing for the fun of it. Not that I exactly take this site seriously, but I was likely to wander off topic (because I’m normally so focussed here – not). So I… Read more »