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March Half Million

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Well that’s March over, and a record for steps taken. Just over 500,000 steps in all. Or around 225 miles. Not bad considering I get very little walking in normal day-to-day activities. That’s the downside of living in a motorhome, and working on a computer all day. One of the reasons to make going for a hike a priority this… Read more »

Somerset Shines

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Just to proved that Somerset can be as idyllic as some other places recently visited, here’s a couple of snaps from the last week. Mind you, it’s blowing a houlli at the moment. This month turns out to be a record breaker for steps taken. I’ll share the details tomorrow once the month is over. It’s gonna make April tough.

Georgian Bath and Just Desserts

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The sun stayed with me all the way, and I reached Bath just in time to catch the Royal Crescent and The Circus at their best, whilst a hot air balloon sauntered by overhead. Perfect evening for it. A rare occurrence in March I suspect. A more contemporary dining experience, the King William on the corner of London Road and… Read more »

Bath Graffiti

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I found the graffiti in Bristol to be typically depressing, although wondered how they got such crisp lines with a humble spray can. Any attempt I made would look distinctly out of focus by comparison. But I’m the outskirts of Bath, the graffiti took on an altogether better level of education. It seems that physics even comes into the equation… Read more »

Bristol to Bath

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After spending a pleasant afternoon and evening sampling the delights of Bristol, staying over at an AirBNB host on a very comfortable sofa bed, I said farewell to my Canadian and Estonian hosts, I wandered back into the centre to find breakfast to. Set me up for the day. One ham and cheese omelette later and I picked up the… Read more »

West Somerset Coast Path – Watchet to Minehead

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A gorgeous day for a walk, what if intended to be a comfortable 10 miles along the coast to Minehead, part training for Amanda’s charity walk from Somerset to Leicester in June, following the Fosse Way. Mel and Amanda were along for this walk too, and the weather pulled off a perfect Spring day. A little hazy out to sea,… Read more »

SWCP – Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

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Our last day in Dorset, and time for a quick walk along the coast path around Durdle Door. The most descended not long after leaving, but we got to see the sights at least. 72 miles walked in the last week. That’s the first time I’ve managed to get it into the green for 7 consecutive days (10000+ steps per… Read more »

East Stoke to Bere Regis

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Yes, I had to read that notice twice too. A lovely calm and sunny day today, and a lovely walk across farmland, past quarries and golf courses, and a pub lunch to boot. Glad to say that the verdict on the walking boots is positive, no problems with comfort now. 15.6 miles today, the legs feel like they are getting… Read more »