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Kenmare, and Another Garinish

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Last nights wild camp turned out to be idyllic. This morning saw a beautiful sunrise and moonrise combined. And the day turned out to be a corker on the weather front. But despite waiting for ideal weather conditions for a decent walk, sometimes you just have to go with the flow and do what feels right at the time, and… Read more »

Castletownbere, Dursey Island, Garinish Point and Allihies

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Plans for a longer walk failed to materialise this morning. I’ll out it down to the slightly overcast start to the day, that had us thinking we’d not appreciate being up top of a hill or three. So we decided to head on out along the peninsula towards Dursey Island, linked from the mainland by a cable car. More on… Read more »

The Sheep’s Head Peninsula and Bantry Bay

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After a little bit of a lie in to get over the effects of the Guinness, we headed out to the tip of the Sheep’s Head Peninsula. The road out as quite narrow but with frequent passing places, and there was a reasonable carpark and tea rooms. We headed out along the well prepared track to the lighthouse, and got… Read more »

Mizen Head and The Sheep’s Head Peninsula

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Carry on Wildcamping. That’s what it’s turning into. We’ve managed to avoid campsites so far, the process of driving keeping the batteries topped up, and reasonable availability of fresh water keeps us, we’ll, watered. Today the laptop ran out of juice, which meant no more working, so the priority became looking for power. Not to be outdone by the need… Read more »

Kinsale & Toormore Bay

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After stocking up at the Midleton farmers market, we headed around Cork (saving that for another time) and down the coast to Kinsale. Our guidebook pointed us here for two reasons – the start of the Wild Atlantic Way, and top fish restaurants. The Wild Atlantic Way is a 1,500 mile road route that takes you from the south of… Read more »

Midleton Farmers Market

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Turned out to be a peaceful night for a town carpark. Fortunately no boy racers dong donuts around the place, although we were woken at 6:45 to the sound of the glass recycling bins being emptied, so you can’t have everything. It turned out that Midleton is home to the old Jamesons Distillery, although production has now moved to Cork…. Read more »

Tintern Abbey and Waterford

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We can report that our first night in Ireland was very pleasant. Despite probably being illegal, because it said no camping, we woke even closer to the sea than we manage to in Watchet. Watching the sun rise up over some wind turbines, the little hamlet of Cullenstown was a lovely spot to start the day. What better excuse but… Read more »

Pembroke to Rosslare Ferry

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Ahh, another ferry. It didn’t take long before my mind was filled with the lilting tones of Rod Stewart’s ‘We are sailing’, until I remembered the rest of the lyrics and it’s more pertinent for the return leg of the journey. So I’ll settle for ‘Do you think I’m sexy’ instead. Didn’t feel very sexy in the stiff breeze up… Read more »

Autumnal adventures: The Emerald Isle

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After what’s been an interesting and multi-faceted summer, we finally get to the point in time when we can set off again for a slightly longer term adventure. In our sights, Ireland! We’ve pushed off from the shores of Watchet, this time a little tinge of sadness to leave behind our regular summer mooring looking out over the Bristol Channel,… Read more »