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Amanda’s Walk Day 6

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Thankfully an easier and more pleasant day today, the forecast thunderstorms didn’t materialise. Although it did cloud up a bit in the afternoon. We changed the route, cutting more directly to Cirencester rather than detouring back to the Fosse Way, and walked through some pleasant little hamlets and villages along the way. As we approached Ewen, Amanda ‘phoned a friend’,… Read more »

Amanda’s Walk Day 5

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Short post because I’m k-nackered. Turned into a longer than expected day at around 21 miles, maybe 4 more than planned, but in part due to a detour through the very lovely Castle Coombe for a spot of late lunch. Not helped by being a sunny scorcher, but you really can’t complain about these hardships, in the circumstances. We got… Read more »

April Roundup

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Last day of the month, cracking weather, so a good excuse to get out and try and up the average for the month. I set off from Watchet, along the coast at low tide, heading east towards Kilve. The beach here is fascinating, constantly changing but a geologists dream. A big group of what appeared to be geology students lurked… Read more »

Littlehampton to Bognor Regis

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Saturday turned into a failure on the walking front, or at least not as planned. The plan had been to go to Lewes, then walk the Ouse valley and the coast path back to Brighton, returning on the train. I got as far as Worthing before the trains were cancelled as a result of a fatality further up the line…. Read more »

The South Downs Way – Amberley to Lancing

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A change of scene from yesterday, away from the coast and into the hills, following the chalky ridge of the South Downs. Mel, Kate and Piers were along for the ride too,and despite it being cooler and windier than yesterday, it was still very agreeable. A pub stop in Washington helped fill our bellies, although the pint of beer each… Read more »

Littlehampton to Brighton Coast Walk

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After dropping Mel off for the first day of her course, I set off along the coast, east towards Brighton. A warm, sunny day, only marred by a stiff breeze on the face and some light cloud to temper the sun. The walking was good, hard paths of Tarmac of firm ground most of the way, a few stretches along… Read more »

The Length of the Quantocks

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Here’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time and never before felt up to. Walking the length of the Quantocks in a day. Getting a beach, hills, sunshine, pretty clouds and a castle (hotel) into the same day might seem excessive, but that’s all on offer with this one. Mind you I wasn’t feeling on top of… Read more »