A Winter Wonderland

It snowed continuously for 36 hours, but the reward was one of the prettiest views we’ve ever had out the bedroom window. Not a huge amount of snow overall, maybe 3-4 inches in the valley, but it looks like it’s topped up the slopes nicely, so will need to go and investigate.

Some pictures of those stakes I mentioned, up along the side of buildings. Still can’t figure out the use of them, there are hundreds of them about. Best we can figure is that it’s something to do with hay drying. Any idea?

1 thought on “A Winter Wonderland

  1. Hi Mel and Dave its long ago I send something back. About thos sticks? (humman mead is of the menu just askthe dont bite thos Germans) .It all looks lovely there be gareful on ice (brokken legs and things).Are you coming back through Belcium ?thank up in Luxenburg cheapest diesel in Europe (West Eu.) Thats all for now Good luke Jan and Joan xxxxx

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