Reedham Ferry

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As I left Reedham, I was surprised that the sat nav asked my if I wanted to avoid a ferry. I was interested what this entailed so as it as just down the road went to investigate. A tiny little thing, a squeeze to get the van onto, but charming nonetheless.

It seems that you HAVE to take a picture of the sunset as you cross. Even the ferryman was doing so. Apparently he’s after a good photo for his Christmas cards. I should think if he gets to do this every day, he could make an entire advent calendar!

One thought on “Reedham Ferry

  1. Jan Joan

    Hi Dave, how do you find all thos horeble camping sites? Joan ask isit not coold in that van? Are you in a proper house tonight? Joans next ? what sort of camera are you using. When will Mel be back? Already planning a trip up north? Lots moor to do and to se.

    Love Jan Joan


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