Shropshire Union Canal

Time to try and move on from some of that political nonsense and do a bit of travelling. We’re heading for Lincolnshire, with the intention of going via the Peak District, which we’ve enjoyed greatly in the past. However, unable to leave home till mid-afternoon meant that it would be good to break the journey, and so I opted for stop just off the motorway near Telford and Stafford. The walking looked good enough, and the weather, to justify a full days stop.

We headed out mid-morning for a walk along the Shropshire Union Canal, joining it near Wheaton Aston, and heading as far as Norbury Junction. A lovely bit of sunshine but thankfully cooler than earlier in the week, we detoured into Gnosal Heath in search of food, but only found a disappointing cup of coffee, and pubs not capable of organising a piss up. So we raided the convenience stores and sat by the canal for a picnic before heading into Norbury. Yet more disappointing coffee, before heading back to Church Eaton to the pub nearest the campsite.

We had a couple of enjoyable pints before deciding we might have some food (it was still early), only to find they weren’t doing food due to a recent loss of a manager. Only after a bit of banter with the locals did we discover they would be happy for us to order a takeaway for delivery and eat it in the pub did we settle on an Indian. So time for a couple more pints!

Still managed to get back to the van before dark, so all in all, not a bad day!

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